Play and Wins have been a staple of NEA Game Fest from the very start! Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the play and wins library and pick out the game you’d like to play.
  2. Take it to the checkout desk and your game and your badge will be scanned. You will be given an entry card.
  3. Go and play the game!
  4. Once the game is done fill out the names of each player and anyone who taught the game on the card. That’s right, you can earn an entry to win the game by teaching some one else how to play it so pay that rules knowledge forward!
  5. Return the game and entry card to the checkout desk. They will scan the game and your badge again.

You may enter to win a game more than once but will not be allowed to check out the same game twice in a row.

At 3:00 PM on Sunday afternoon we’ll draw entry cards for each game and randomly pick a winner off of the participants on that card.

Play and Wins Winners

7 Wonders Duel – Ashley Farley

Agricola – Alan Cheshier

Altiplano – Thomas Barbee

Bayou Bash – Chase Riney

Big Easy Busking – Chloe Hancock

Bohnanza – No Entries

Brikks – DeeJay Fox

The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine – Drew Hancock

Dicey Peaks – Kahlan Riney

Dingo’s Dreams – Shala Riney

Dixit – Kahlan Riney

Dome Crushers – Conley Hunt

Dragomino -Lauren Osborn

Dreams of Tomorrow – Matt Bradley

ELO Darkness – John Agnew

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne – Ikwal Hira

Fireball Island – Lauren Osborn

Gaia – Tim Hick

Ginkgopolis – Breanna Franklin

Godtear: The Borderlands Starter Set – No Entries

Gnoming Around – Derek Kemper

Harry Potter: House Cup Competition – Ronald Cheshier

Hero Realms – Ikwal Hira

Hunt The Ravenger – Terry Riney

Keys to the Castle – Miranda Hick

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest – Jon Osborn

Lost Ruins of Arnak – Derek Kemper

Metal Minds – Shala Riney

Mombasa – Jon Osborn

One Night Ultimate Alien – No Entries

Reign of Dragoness – Breanna Franklin

Rolling America – Savannah Hancock

Rolling Realms – Drew Hancock

Saboteur – Terry Riney

Skull King – Kaylee Grigsby

Spicy Dice – Colee Johnston

Star Realms – John Agnew

Star Wars: X-Wing – Steven Summers

Suspicion – Sonya Lane

Targi – Brad Morgan

Unicorn Fever – William Osborn

Whitehall Mystery – Aspen Ellis