Volunteers are required to purchase a badge to get into the convention.

Volunteer Incentives

For every two hours you volunteer or run a game/event you earn a special volunteer only door prize ticket.

Anyone who volunteers for four or more hours is eligible to receive a free T-Shirt (this will be different than the one for sale under merch) as a thank you gift!

Sign up to volunteer by September 25th to get your free t-shirt!

Run a Game/Event

We rely on volunteers to run RPGs, tournaments and other gaming events.

Sign up to run an event!

Volunteer Schedule

We need volunteers to watch the front desk, run the games library and help with setup/tear down.

Volunteer to cover an available slot!


We welcome donations to the event. This money will be used to help pay for the facility, play and wins, prizes and more. All money raised after expenses goes to The Children’s Shelter.

Become a sponsor or make a donation today!